Benicia can be kited on winds from WNW to S with the normal windy season running from April to September & predominately SW.

One of our local kiter / windsurfer’s has some good  weather resources for Benicia which can be found here:

The Ikitesurf Computer forecast for San Pablo and Benicia are quite useful as what is happening in San Pablo is what we see in Benicia.

Benicia Computer Forecast:

San Pablo Computer Forecast:

A solid West wind comes straight down the Carquinez Straits and can leave the 12th street launch a little bit light on the inside however if the current is Ebbing the channel makes for a ton of fun from Benicia waterfront all the way West to the Northeast end of the San Pablo Bay.

Weather Channel is pretty good, however the actual wind is normally a touch higher. You can find “The Weather Channel” hourly forecast here:

A great tool to have is the hand held wind meter that works with Android and iOS phones.

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